How to Help When Grief is in the Workplace

Freud, who coined the term “grief-work” said, “People spend as much energy in one day of grief as if they dug ditches for an eight-hour shift.” At the same time they are also expected to do their job.

HOPE offers:

  • Training Seminars for Management
  • Lunch ‘n’ Learn for Employees
  • On-site Bereavement Assistance & Support for Management / Employees within 72 hours of the death
  • Training Manual & Resources for purchase

The first responsibility of an employer is to the business. The health of a business, however, depends on the health of their most important resource: their employees. Giving assistance to bereaved employees will yield valuable dividends not only in productivity and profitability but also in good will.

What you learn at this seminar will help you both personally and professionally.

Training Manual contains everything you need from ‘A-Z’!
  • Facilitators’ Script.
  • Section on “Benefits of the Program”.
  • Check lists; Samples; Handouts (evaluations, certificate of participation, etc.)
  • Participants 52-page Workbook to be used as handy desktop reference.
  • Three pamphlets which contain suggestions for management, bereaved employees and co-workers.
You will:
  • gain knowledge of the grieving process
  • learn what to say – what not to say
  • gain specific “how to’s” for the workplace

To arrange for a Workshop / Training Seminar, or to purchase the Training Manual, contact HOPE FOR BEREAVED at (315) 475-9675 or email [email protected].

The Training Manual may also be purchased directly from our bookstore.

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