HOPE for Bereaved, Inc. provides workshops for professionals interested in learning about grief and how to support the bereaved. The ideal attendee is currently working with, or may at some point work with, grieving people. Whether you’re a direct care staff working with a grieving client, or a manager interested in learning how to support your grieving staff, HOPE has a workshop that fits your needs. We will come directly to your place of business to provide our 2-hour, interactive training for up to 15 people. Fill out the form below or call HOPE at 315.475.9675 to schedule a workshop now.

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Grief in the Workplace

Maintaining a healthy work/life balance is crucial for fostering mental well-being in the workplace. Supporting individuals experiencing grief is an essential factor in creating this balance. In this workshop we cover grief basics, the impact of grief in the workplace, and how to support employees and colleagues who are grieving.

Grief in the Classroom

Unresolved trauma caused by grief may negatively affect student relationships, worsen physical and emotional health, lower self-esteem, jeopardize schoolwork, result in drug and alcohol abuse, and increase rates of suicide. In this workshop we cover grief basics, the impact of grief in the classroom, how grief affects youth at different developmental stages, and how to support students who are grieving.

Available for Children 6 and Under + Teens

Anticipatory Grief

Grieving for the living is a complex and emotional journey. It represents the heartache and mental toll that comes with knowing a loved one’s death is imminent. In this workshop we provide a background in anticipatory grief, the impact of anticipatory grief on caregivers and family, and how to support someone experiencing anticipatory grief.

Grief in Healthcare Settings

Facilitating healing within hospitals and nursing homes is a challenge. Healthcare professionals must navigate the complexities of death, create a supportive environment for patients and families, while testing their own emotional resilience. Healthcare professionals need a safe space where the profound impact of grief can be openly acknowledged and shared among peers. Along with offering a supportive community, in this workshop we offer practical coping strategies and suggest ways to create more empathy. 

Helping People with I/DD Cope with Grief

People with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities may process things differently. Because of this, grief can be an especially challenging topic. In this workshop we cover grief basics, how people with I/DD may respond to grief, and how to support them in their grief journey. 

Don’t see what you’re looking for? HOPE can customize a workshop for you. Contact us to discuss your particular needs.