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Sandy V.

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I started coming to HOPE For Bereaved shortly after my mother died in October 2011. My mom and I were very close . We used to spend a lot of time together. Talked on the phone everyday. She was in her 80’s. She slowly started to close down each year. She went from someone very independent to someone needing assistance. She went from a cane to a walker to a wheelchair. She took it in stride along the way. She accepted going to assisted living. Later on she was failing and began falling a lot, had heart issues and a stroke. In the end I watched her pass away in the hospital. it was very hard for me. I lost my best friend. I came to HOPE, they were very good at listening and understanding what I was going through. I came to a lot of support group meetings, they helped a lot. I have no regrets. I wouldn’t give up helping my mom everyday for anything in the world. I miss her everyday. HOPE Is a great place with great staff. It’s 2018 and I still come. I’m a co-facilitator at the general support meeting – I give back to others what I’ve been given.

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