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Maureen Lobko

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Your newsletters started appearing in my mailbox with the piles of condolence cards and bills in Jan 2006. It wasn’t until the numbness wore off that I came to look FORWARD to a piece of mail. A brightly colored packed that I tucked under my arm while I made a cup of tea and then nook in the house to absorb, learn, weep and weep some more. Losing my son Jonathan on 12/17/05 broke my heart and life came to a standstill. Every emotion that flooded me it seemed only my monthly packet from Hope could understand. I had a brick made for Jon and I visit the Butterfly Garden daily in the warmer months. It has become my escape from the daily pain. To be honest, I haven’t come to a support group, can’t just yet. But I couldn’t go another month go by without thanking you. However you got my husband and my name, it’s a blessing. I keep all the mailings in a binder and refer back to them when I need some solace, some understanding about suicide, losing a child. Your whole staff/volunteers are to be commended and Ms. Schoeneck deserves the biggest hug of all for finding such and helping so many to find the strength to go on……Thank you….thank you all so much.


Maureen Lobko

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