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Debbie G.

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This past year, after a year and a half battle with an aggressive cancer, my husband/best friend died just short of our 35th wedding anniversary. As a lifelong resident of the Syracuse area, I was fortunate to be surrounded by friends and family. In spite of their tremendous support, I felt lost and unable to share the true depth of my grief with those I cared about. That is where HOPE For Bereaved came in.

We are so blessed to have this agency in our community. I learned of their services and began individual counseling with Ed. Not only has he been an empathetic listener, but he also provides me with practical insights, along with videos, articles and books to help me along my grief journey. Ed helps me reframe my thinking to gain a healthier perspective regarding my life without my husband.

HOPE For Bereaved does not impose limits on the number of sessions allowed, all of which are free. This allows those who grieve to progress at their own pace. I still meet with Ed and I plan on taking advantage of a support group at some point.

I’ve learned that one does not “get over ” the loss of a loved one. However, with the type of help that HOPE For Bereaved provides, one can work toward a new way of living that includes joy, hope and fulfillment. I will be forever grateful for the help that HOPE For Bereaved provides me.

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