Bench Dedications

New Bench Dedication: $950.00
Yearly Fee After 7 Years
*Currently Waitlisting New Bench Dedications

Benches are installed and will remain in place for seven years. After seven years the family has the option to retain the bench on a yearly basis for an annual fee.  Each garden bench includes a 6”x4” royal blue plaque.  You choose the inscription up to 3 lines.  In addition, you may purchase up to 4 butterfly shaped plaques. The cost of each butterfly plaque will differ depending on the number of lines needed for the inscription.

*At this time HOPE is unable to increase of benches installed at the garden.  A waiting list has been formed so that HOPE can notify you when a bench is retired.  Please call Kim Bermel to add your name and phone number to the list. No deposit is required to place your name on the list.

To enter the waitlist for a bench dedication you can fill out the form below, contact us via email at [email protected], or call HOPE at 315-475-9675.

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